The movement towards comfy lingerie inspires all sorts of knitted bras, both as “built-in” details and stand-alone items. The tromp l’oeil versions include anatomically correct stitchery or strategically placed argyle diamonds. The season’s all-important crochet turns up as a hippie-ish bralette to layer over sweaters, and there are crochet or fully-fashioned knitted bras meant to seen under sheer tops or tulle dresses.

Aalto Fall/Winter RTW 18
Alexander Wang Fall/Winter RTW 18
Les Copains Fall/Winter RTW 18
Giambattista Valli Fall/Winter RTW 18
Dior Fall/Winter RTW 18
Genny Fall/Winter RTW 18



Sometimes it’s the little things that make an item look new. For next spring it’s all about the tape. Designers use twill trim, grosgrain ribbon, jacquard logo tape and other narrow goods as closures, zip pulls and in place of drawstrings for gathered details. These tape-ties give garments a contemporary, industrial feel and enable wearers to customize the look and shape of their clothes, in keeping with the demand for versatility and easy-fits.



Time was, wearing a bra in public was either the stuff of fantasy (vintage Maidenform ads) or a signal that the wearer is engaged in the oldest profession (as shown in the new HBO series “Deuce”,  about the porn industry in the 1970s). Now the bra is fully out from under, whether it’s delicate lingerie styles for evening or modest knitted versions for day. Shiny fabrics and elasticized edges give the piece a sporty spin. In real life, these pieces will be worn showing though openwork knits or sheer tops, peeking out under jackets, or layered on top of shirts and dresses. Of course, for customers who can carry the look, they will simply be worn as tops.