The long shirt makes an appearance in some of the most forward-thinking collections for next fall, underscoring the current movement toward modesty as well as renewed interest in work-appropriate clothes. The silhouettes are mostly slim yet easy, with extra-long sleeves emphasizing the laid-back feel. Designers showed these in geometric prints or solids, and added novelty in the form of super-elongated long collars, draped effects or zip closures. The season’s silky scarf accessorizes, either casually wrapped or knotted under the collar to create a soft necktie.

Chloe Fall/Winter RTW 2018
Loewe Fall/Winter RTW 2018
Lemaire Fall/Winter RTW 2018
Loewe Fall/Winter RTW 2018
Jacquemus Fall/Winter RTW 2018
Lemaire Fall/Winter RTW 2018



The trend toward wearing mismatched earrings (which started several seasons ago on the Celine runway, among others) is gaining momentum. Designers showed disparate earrings with a common theme — like big pearls in contrasting settings or two different leaf shapes — or combined individual styles almost randomly for interesting juxtapositions.

Coach Fall/Winter RTW 2018
Jacquemus Fall/Winter RTW 2018
Lemaire Fall/Winter RTW 2018
Richard MaloneFall/Winter RTW 2018
Valentino Fall/Winter RTW 2018
Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter RTW 2018


The giant carryall is giving way to the bite-sized bag. In contrast to all the colossal coats, roomy sack dresses, stretched-out sweaters and rave-wide pants shown for next season, these diminutive satchels and tiny totes offer a sense of scale. Many have long straps so that they can be worn cross-body, and they are often styled with another larger bag — perhaps as a going-out-after-work option when a heavy handbag is too great a burden to bear.

Jacquemus Fall/Winter RTW 18
Chloe Fall/Winter RTW 18
Chanel Fall/Winter RTW 18
Kate Spade Fall/Winter RTW 18
Lanyu Fall/Winter RTW 18
Carven Fall/Winter RTW 18