Safari garb can be endlessly reinvented while still retaining its utilitarian roots. For next spring designers inject newness into the tried-and-true influence with filmy nylons, tech touches, pieced fabrics and surprising prints. Cargo pockets are flat or gusseted, and plenty of snaps, tabs and zips work as both fashion and function. In general the palette is softer, with muted neutrals and bright pops that work for any urban jungle.

Acne Studios Spring – Summer Menswear 2020
Dries Van Noten Spring – Summer Menswear 2020
Sunnei Spring – Summer Menswear 2020
Dior Spring – Summer Menswear 2020
Fendi Spring – Summer Menswear 2020
MSGM Spring – Summer Menswear 2020


If the recent menswear runways are any indication, fluorescent shades will be big for next Spring. Neon and nearly-neon brights showed up on sweatshirts, sweaters, woven tops and casual bottoms, and look especially right for warm-weather outerwear pieces like a featherweight parka. There were even neons used for tailored suits. The hues look great in bright color-blocks or 70s style supergraphics, or in little touches as appliqués or accessories. Many designers combined the fluos with a neutral like gray, olive or khaki, giving the beachy brights a nice urban twist.

Acne Studios Menswear SS 2019
Dries Van Noten Menswear SS 2019
Kenzo Menswear SS 2019
MSGM Menswear SS 2019
Amiri Menswear SS 2019
Louis Vuitton Menswear SS 2019

Pink Re-think


The newest pink is not the meditative, gender-bending, leaning-towards-neutral millennial pink. For next spring, designers explore the gutsy bubblegum varieties of the hue, made even more sticky sweet with tulle flower petals, slick coated surfaces or punched-out eyelet lace. Used in strong shapes and accented with crimson red for boots or belts, these orchid pinks pack a punch that is more erotic than insipid. As feminist artist, Lynda Benglis states, “Pink is a very floral, lush color. …No color is quite as seductive as this color is in nature.”