• Scarlet Fever

    In the 1938 film Jezebel, Bette Davis’ rebellious southern belle character chooses to wear a red dress to the ball. Even in the film’s black-and-white, the rich gray created by …see more

  • Sweet Dreams

    Demure dresses resemble delicate nightgowns from past eras. Long-sleeved silhouettes with drawstring necklines and loose shapes call to mind simple undergarments from the 1800’s, while ruffles and pintucked details take inspiration …see more


    Of all the wondrous pieces on display at the recent Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern show at the Brooklyn Museum, amid the delicate hand-sewn blouses, freshly pressed wrap-dresses and austere Balenciaga coats, …see more

  • Dark Fairytales for our Time

    Alan Rosenberg | November 29, 2016 An upcoming exhibition of esoteric 19th century Symbolist paintings is sure to shock and surprise visitors to the Guggenheim Museum who know the Frank Lloyd …see more


    Pantsuits, after a long absence, are looking right again — with good reason. While history can provide plenty of chicly-suited role models, the newest tailleurs are a bit oversized, providing some relaxed …see more

  • My Heart Bleeds

    Heartbreak may hurt, but it makes for compelling graphics. Dagger-pierced, spangled or cracked tickers abound this season — perhaps a subtle tribute to left-leaning bleeding hearts.

  • Granny Takes A Trip (Again)

    Alan Rosenberg | October 6, 2016 One of the latest and most surprising fashion trends has hit 57th and 5th: a window at Bergdorf Goodman features a dress from the house …see more