Moiré, that weave or pattern with its distinctive woodgrain or “watered” effect, is making a subtle but strong impression for next season. Designers used it for matched sets, silky tops, …see more


    Wicker or straw basket bags are popping up on the runways in New York, and are seen carried by trendsetters on the street as well. Most are hard and structured …see more

  • Dad Socks Get Cool

    Although dad jokes and dad jeans are decidedly uncool, dad socks are having a moment. Socks that hit at mid-calf began to emerge on Fall 2017 runways and are making …see more

  • Color Theory

    Paris designers indulge in the joys of color this season. Although each hue is beautiful on its own, it is the placement of whitened pastel against pigmented bright against soft cosmetic tone …see more

  • Logo Love

    The beloved YSL motif is back, heralding a return to logomania. Logos appear in fanciful applications in Paris this season — beaded, bejeweled, as ironic logo-tape or cleverly fashioned into a signature heel.

  • Fringe Binge

    Fringe trims grow into long silky strands, bringing movement and boho allure to tops, dresses, skirts and accessories.

  • The Age of Collage

    Milan designers embrace pastiche this season, as a range of disparate references, from active sport to 70s hippie to 18th century rococo to marabou nighties, come together in exuberant eclectic mixes.

  • Patio Party

    A dizzying fantasy of Palm Beach glamour, complete with trompe l’oeil pussycat bows, ship-ahoy platforms and cascades of plastic flowers that hook over ears.


    New York’s ginormous earrings appear to be rescued from the scrap heap. Die-cut, hammered, torqued and enameled effects abound.

  • Rock And Roll All Nite

    Rock and roll 70s glam meets 60s ladylike. The story: Prim housewife with groupie fantasy does the walk of shame.